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Taking Care of Silver, Don't Trust All Silver Polishing Videos!

Dont Trust All Silver Polishing Videos! I have viewed numerous online videos demonstrating harmful silver polishing techniques. Do not trust everything you see online regarding silver care! Some of these videos, produced by well-intentioned but ill-informed individuals, show the use of horribly abrasive products such as Nevr-Dull, toothpaste, or baking soda. Some advocate the use of the toxic product Tarn-X which, although not abrasive, will remove factory-applied patinas, and will actually promote the formation of tarnish. The aluminum foil technique (in which the user is encouraged to soak silver in water containing baking soda and a piece of aluminum foil) will also allow tarnish to form more quickly. Also, many videos say that its okay to put silver in your dishwasherthats not true! Please take time to read my Silver Care Guide:

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