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Antique Homes Magazine

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Welcome to Antique Homes®- the print and on-line real estate magazine developed for the promotion, marketing and selling of older, antique and historic properties. In print since 1985, our magazine reaches the entire New England marketplace, and on-line we reach the entire wired planet. Antique Homes® provides a place to sell your antique or historic property with a current free distribution of 30,000 found throughout New England. Potential buyers can pick up a copy at antique centers, historic sites, bookstores, libraries, bed and breakfasts, historic sites, visitors centers and every residential real estate office throughout New England. During the year, special distribution includes antique auctions, trade shows, and restoration and preservation events. Our goal is to distribute the magazine to the best possible targets to reach buyers interested in purchasing antique and historic homes.

Our magazine print cycle was developed around the needs of the New England marketplace with a frequency and timeliness that captures the peak points throughout the year. Our ad and pricing structure is designed to give you the opportunity to purchase just the right size ad for your individual property. The 1/6 page directory ads are a great value that give you regional exposure at a local ad rate. Antique Homes® also includes informative and interesting articles on a range of preservation topics, and continues to expand the variety of useful information to our readers. We’ve added additional staff and a world wide web site with a unique antique home search - letting buyers from around the world view your home listing. You can find us at

Our Products and Services directory helps buyers and sellers and real estate professionals find the right products and services in their efforts to sell, preserve and decorate their antique and historic homes. Antique Homes® is a professionally designed, targeted, affordable publication that meets the needs of antique home sellers and buyers.

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Antique Homes Magazine

Mailing and Deliver Address:
PO Box 1046
Douglas, MA 01516