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We have provided this page to answer basic questions to help you navigate our web site successfully. If you are having any difficulties with ad placement, for either on-line or print ads from our submission page within this website, you may call us directly at 508-476-7271 or email us for additional help.

About Advertising Using the Online Ordering System

In order to submit ads you must first create an account by clicking on the Customer Login at the top of the home page. You will then be directed to supply information in order to establish an account including your own password. Once you have created an account you may log in using the email address that you supplied as the user name and the password that you created.

Once You Have Logged In - This is where you can click on SUBMIT A PROPERTY which will bring you to a form to complete. For each individual house listing, whether a single property or a group of properties that will appear on a full page ad, you must complete the property submission form. Be sure to check off the type of ad you wish for each property. If you are submitting more than one property to appear on a full page it will mean entering the individual data for each property and selecting the correct ad type for each submission. Our staff will assemble the ad information and supply you with an email proof for your approval which will include the total cost for your advertising. All of the information collected here will be used to place each individual property in our searchable database on the website. Some of these fields are unique to our database and are designed for those buyers searching for antique and historic property features.

For new 1/6th page directory ad follow the same process as above. Once you click submit you will see an onscreen version of your print ad. The onscreen preview appears in color. Please note that these are color ads in the print magazine. The print copy block section will hold an estimated 490 characters of text. DO NOT include in this box the city or town name, state, agent name, company name, price, phone number. These will be compiled from the data you filled in the ad submission form. Once you click the submit button, you may go to your account manager to edit the information you supplied including replacing photos at any time. Reminder - any changes or edits to your information will be subject to our deadlines. Any changes made after the published deadlines may not appear in the print magazine.

Antique Homes reserves the right to edit your ad to conform with the Federal Fair Housing Standards, Antique Homes style, content and length.

Help with Photos

For the best reproduction of your photo for our print magazine please use the following minimum standards for you photos. Your photo should be sized at a minimum of 4 inches wide by 3 inches deep at 200 pixels/inch. Please save your image in a jpeg format retaining the color information. Our website allows you to attach your photographs and upload them from your computer. It will reject photos that are too small and those that are too large. The minimum image size is 800 x 600 pixels and the maximum is 1200 x 900 pixels. You can check the image size by using any photo editing software or in your Windows Explorer file details view.

If you have any questions or need any help call us at 508-476-7271 or email us. 

If you are unable to attach your photos using the submission form method you may send your photos by email to making sure to include your submission number for the individual property which is assigned when you submit the form and can be found next to your submission in the account manager on the My Antique Homes page.

To print an application for a billable account please click here.