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Jacksonville, Florida

$875,000 / Arts and Crafts
Crissie Cudd Florida Homes Realty & Mortgage
Built on Main St in 1909 in order to show off Klutho’s design capabilities. Fire safety was a part of his design. The Atlas Portland Cement Company made postcards of the home they used for marketing all over the country showing off the stucco walls. The Klutho house was also one of the first in Jacksonville that had fireproof asbestos roof shingles. The walls to the main sitting area do not go completely to the ceiling which aided in air flow. The front part of the residence is for living and the back side of the residence is for service. The fireplace and bookcases are original to the house. The large glass doors facing the front were a part of the air circulation that Klutho used in his design for hot summers. The house does not use colored “art glass” which was common in houses of the day. The impressive leaded glass Tree of Life windows going up the stairs floods both the upstairs and down stairs of the house with light. The upstairs bathroom in front of the stairs is the original bathroom and all the fixtures and tile are original including the sit bath. On December 19, 1978, the Klutho House was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

Property Details

Style: Arts and Crafts

House Form: 2-Story

Year: 1909

Setting: Urban

Beds: 3

Baths: 2

Condition: Superb

Land Area: .10

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National Register

Historic District

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