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Hillwood Estate: Re-opens

By Antique Homes Magazine Staff Share:

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Hillwood Estate Museum & Gardens

4155 Linnean Avenue

NW Washington, DC 20008

Hillwood is thrilled again to welcome the broader community. Visitors are required to make their reservations in advance. To ease the process, we strongly encourage you to make your reservation online, as staffing for phone reservations is limited.  

You can continue to enjoy the museum and gardens through our comprehensive digital offerings, including the extensive online collections, educational video library, and immersive mobile app. 

Nestled in the hills of Northwest Washington, D.C., Hillwood welcomes visitors from around the world with its gracious hospitality. Escape into an oasis only five miles from downtown Washington and explore the pristine mansion, dine at the café, and enjoy the beauty of the formal gardens.

Thirteen acres of formal gardens extend from the house’s terraces and porches in a progression of “outdoor rooms.” Each of these rooms, meant to complement the mansion’s interior spaces, is decidedly private yet connected to adjacent gardens through subtle transitional features, encouraging an intuitive flow from the French parterre to the rose garden and onto the Friendship Walk.

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