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Drayton Hall

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Image Credit: The watercolor of Drayton Hall was painted by Swiss-born artist and naturalist Pierre Eugene Du Simitiere (1736–1784),

Drayton Hall

3380 Ashley River Road

Charleston, South Carolina 29414

Drayton Hall’s main house, galleries and landscape are open to the public Wednesday through Sunday weekly. Register online in advance or buy a ticket at the gate.

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Drayton Hall is one of the most remarkable houses in North America; in fact, it is the earliest and finest example of Palladian architecture in the United States.

The landscape of John Drayton is an expression of an 18th-century gentleman’s country seat, conceived along with the construction of Drayton Hall, which is centrally embedded within an early-English, picturesque landscape. John was also credited with utilizing many existing trees and native plants in his garden, while the landscape was further embellished with exotic plants by John’s son, Charles Drayton.

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