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Gore Place: Astronomer’s Choice: Discovering the Planets & Saturday Guided Walks

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Gore Place

52 Gore Street

Waltham, Massachusetts 02453

Mansion Tours: All indoor tours are postponed, grounds are open. We are offering December Holiday events:

Advance online tickets are required. Tickets will not be sold at the door.

Astronomer’s Choice: Discovering the Planets

April 15, 2021 | 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Have you checked out one of our stargazing events yet? Want to learn more about what is happening in the sky beyond the constellations? Now introducing at Gore Place… Astronomer’s Choice! This virtual, hour-long presentation is led by our astronomer Nick as he shares a special astronomy topic of his choice with us. His first topic: Discovering the Planets!

Astronomer’s Choice: Discovering the Planets:

Earth. Our home. Our big blue marble. And yet, it’s only one planet in our grand solar system.  Have you ever wondered if we’ve always known about all the others? Did we always know what, and where, they were? And exactly how many of them are there anyway? These questions, and more, are what we’ll be exploring in the upcoming Astronomer’s Choice presentation at Gore Place. You’ll learn about which planets have been known since antiquity and which were found around the time of the Gores by carefully observing the motions of our celestial neighborhood. We’ll track the work of astronomers from around the world as we go on a journey to discover the planets of our solar system.

This presentation will take place over Zoom on Thursday, April 15 at 7pm EST. Tickets are $20 per household. The program is best suited for adults and children ages 6 and up. Join us with the family or solo as we travel the cosmos!

Outdoor Tours: My Farm at Waltham: a guided walking tour of Gore Place

Every Saturday | 11:00 am – 11:45 am

Take a guided tour of the historic grounds at Gore Place entitled “My Farm at Waltham.” Walk the grounds of the estate and learn the history of Gore Place as a country seat and working farm of the early 1800s. The tour lasts 45 minutes.

A wealthy Boston couple, Christopher Gore and his wife Rebecca developed their estate in Waltham over several decades. Gore called it “My Farm at Waltham.” Gore was a founding member of the Massachusetts Society for Promoting Agriculture (est. 1792) and was innovative in his methods of farming. This tour uses Gore’s letters and the journal of his farm manager, Jacob Farwell, among other sources, to tell the story of farming on the estate in the early 1800s. Though much of the original 19th century farm is gone today, Gore Place has restored the Mansion, Carriage House and Farmer’s Cottage, and kept the original 50 acres of what was a 250-acre farm.

Tours will meet outside the Carriage House door next to the parking lot.

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If you could not make The Moonlight Tour, don’t worry; all our Virtual Moonlight Tours are online:

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Visit Gore Place Online:

Discover the Gores’ Historic Country Estate

Just nine miles from the heart of Boston, Gore Place is a pastoral oasis. The 50-acre estate boasts a magnificent Mansion, an authentic 1793 Carriage House, a working farm, and grounds that include manicured lawns, walking paths and leafy shade trees. Learn the story of Gore Place — now in its third century — as you explore its beautiful landscape.

The Mansion
Built in 1806, this outstanding Federal-style mansion was designed with input from Rebecca Gore — a rare opportunity for a woman of the time. Inspired by the grand country houses of Europe, she drew up plans with Jacques-Guillaume Legrand, a Parisian architect. To build their dream home, the Gores spent a total of $24,000.

The Carriage House
Built circa 1793, the Carriage House, where the Gores kept horses and carriages, is a fine example of classically inspired architecture. In 1965, the building had to be moved due to work on Gore Street; in 2014 it was returned close to its original location and fully restored.

The Home Lot
Like the mansion, the grounds followed the European fashion of the time: English landscape style. Instead of neat, symmetrical gardens, the landscape is an idealized version of nature featuring broad lawns, clumps of trees and inconspicuous gardens. The house was sited on a hill with views to the south of the Charles River, a half mile away. The home lot is edged by a stone border called a ha-ha wall, which is invisible from the house so it doesn’t interrupt the views.

The Mile Walk, Straight Walk and Brook
The Mile Walk is a tree-lined path along the property’s perimeter. On one side, it’s bounded by the Boston Post Road, which dates to colonial times; on another, by a brook that eventually flows underground and into the Charles River. There’s also the Straight Walk — strolling between the trees gives the sense of walking the aisle of a cathedral.

The Farm
As in Christopher and Rebecca’s time, Gore Place is home to a working farm. The sheep and chickens that live here are heritage breeds that the Gores would have kept. The farmer’s cottage was built around 1835 and moved across the road to its current location in the 1960s. 

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