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When in Doubt, Ask First (before wielding that hammer)

By Richard Wilcox

Sometimes it's pointing, sometimes it's plumbing. And, if you're lucky, somtimes it's simply peeling paint.


Dating Your Antique Home

By Richard Wilcox

As we dwell in these structures built so many years before us, we often come to wonder about their origin, their history and their date of construction.


The American Doorknob

By Franklin Pierce Hall

A Brief History of the American Doorknob - “Ode to a Doorknob” – singing praise to such a simple everyday object, sounds bizarre and ridiculous, doesn’t it?


A Basic Paint Recipe

By Brad King

All Paint professionals agree that the key to any successful painting project lies in Preparation! Preparation! Preparation! The Exterior of Your Historic House: A Basic Paint Recipe

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The Cape Cod House, A New England Original

By Nick Langhart

Aside from white-steepled churches and village greens, probably nothing characterizes New England as much as the Cape Cod house.


Massachusetts’ Community Preservation Act

By Chris Anderson

This bill allows communities to raise and appropriate money designated for their own local open space, affordable housing and historic preservation projects.


Curb Appeal: Highland Avenue in Greenfield, Massachusetts

By Dan Cooper

Curb Appeal is a series of not-so-scholarly musings on historic architecture as seen from the street during the author’s ramblings around the Northeast. If you have a favorite neighborhood, town center or enclave of historic homes that you’d like featured, please contact me via email at


Q & A with Brad Schide: Connecticut Circuit Rider

By Mark Sullivan

As a circuit rider for the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation, Brad Schide drives around the state helping cities and towns, property owners, preservation groups and developers save historic buildings.