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Billerica, Massachusetts Home Built in 1665, Fully Restored

By Old New England Houses

Billerica, Massachusetts Home Built in 1665, Fully Restored In the video below you will see that, Doug Towle considers old homes his children. The lifelong bachelor has spent much of...


Don’t Sweat it, Plant it: Trees Boost overall Health and Cut Cooling Costs

By Jon Gorey - Boston Globe Correspondent

Don’t Sweat it, Plant it: Trees Boost overall Health and Cut Cooling Costs Jon Gorey – Boston Globe Correspondent August 19, 2020 2:07 pm Some home improvements — a sleek...


Historic Window Hardware

By Dan Cooper

Window hardware, with the latch in particular, is a prime example of this oversight: it is an apparently innocuous detail, yet consider that latches are situated at eye-level in almost every building.


Historic New England

By Sally Zimmerman

Recent news reports suggest first-time home buyers may be entering the real estate market in greater numbers. One banking industry newsletter noted that 2018 witnessed the largest jump in first-time home buyers since the Great Recession. While perhaps too early to be a trend, the inventory of “starter homes” in the market seems to be increasing while prices may be moderating, bringing home ownership within reach of more buyers, at least in some areas of the country.

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When Lightning Strikes

By Noelle Lord

The previous owners of our house installed antique lightning rods along the rooflines.


Waiting for an Opening: Reclaiming Vintage Windows in your Antique Home

By Dan Cooper

Use oil paint on your windows every five to eight years, for if this is done, they will continue to last forever.


Impure Thoughts: Stylistic Gamut

By Dan Cooper

People have always dragged their possessions from household to household, whether it was by sentiment or economics. If you study period interior photographs or paintings of actual dwellings (as opposed to advertisements or designer’s renderings), you’ll rarely see one that contains furnishings that were all made within a year of each other. Careful scrutiny will always reveal items from a previous era.


Taking Care of your Old Place: Old House Friendly Solutions for increased Energy Efficiency

By Noelle Lord

Start talking energy efficiency and most preservationists and restorers begin to tremble.